Five Ways to Be Un-Mess-Able With

Do you envy Wonder Woman for her powerful wrist-shields and her Invisible Airplane?

Here are five ways you can block evil and, like Wonder Woman, become Un-Mess-Able With.

1. Step Away from the Vampire
As soon as you notice someone in your immediate vicinity is taking more than giving, call a hiatus.

Take a break.

See how you feel then - better?

I was sitting with a colleague, exchanging information and referring other experts to help him with a case he had. Suddenly the tone shifted and he asked,

"Do you mind if I take advantage of this situation to ask you a few personal questions?"

Yes. I minded. 

I told him he could rather schedule an appointment, but that I would never work like that, especially in the middle of a noisy coffee shop.

What cheek!

At that point, I decided not to collaborate with him on a project he was suggesting. I stopped following him on social media (I didn't block him, I just stopped seeking out and "liking" his posts), and I let him go his own way.

As I did so, I detached from his needy energy, and I felt stronger and healthier. So that was a good decision!

Even if people don't intend to become vampires in your life, they might do it accidentally because you have something they need. Keep your eyes open for that.

2. Name Your Price
Know how much your time is worth.  If someone asks you to work for free, calculate if you'd get any value out of the exchange, perhaps personally or spiritually. If not, pass.

"Working for exposure" is only valuable in the very early days of your career.  Getting paid for your time and expertise is the way forward.

I do guest appearances on TV and radio shows "for free" because it helps me do community service and offers great platforms for marketing, but if I had my own TV show, I would be paid for my contribution.

I know what my hourly rate is, and I keep it in mind whenever someone asks me for a favor. And I never, ever answer angel questions from people on the internet.

I love you, Wonder Woman!

3.Do It Yourself
If the person you counted on to help you with a project either doesn't show up or fails to deliver quality, be ready to re-delegate or take over.  

Don't throw good money after bad.  If a product makes you miserable in its first draft, let it go, and let go of that worker, too.

I once hired a pair of handymen who "repaired" things in my home -- but every time they fixed something, they would break another thing that they would have to come back for.

When they repaired a pipe, they drilled through an electric line and almost shocked themselves to death.

When they came back to fix the electricity, they busted a door off of its hinges.

When they came back to fix the door, they scratched the floor. DONE!

After these three jobs, I noticed the pattern, canceled our arrangement and never saw them again, thank goodness.

Now I stop working with people after the very FIRST time this happens (they come to fix X, but meanwhile they break Y). 

4.Know Your Why
Strip away anything that doesn't contribute to your main mission.

Eliminate distractions. Segment your time.  Wear one hat from 6am-8am, one hat from 8am-2pm, and one from 2pm-5pm.  

Play your role fully, and then switch.

I'm a mom, a psychic, and a friend/girlfriend.

Each of those roles calls for a completely different tone. 

The way I manage my life is to compartmentalize completely, according to clock time. It works for me!

5.Be Your Word
Mean what you say, and say what you mean.  

Be clear with yourself - first, about your deadlines and deliverables.  

Sell yourself primarily on your product - if you believe what you are offering is best in class, it will be much easier to present it to others.

If you shift, juggle, hem and haw, you're leaving gaps where people can mess with you.

A while ago, I made a mistake because I needed money.  I can translate from Portuguese into English, so I hired myself out for a group meeting where I had to take notes and then write them up.

What I forgot was how much I hate doing this work - just because I am capable of doing something doesn't mean I  enjoy it or that I should do it.

So I screwed up, lost track of the conversation midway through, did a hack job of the translation, and burned my bridge with the organization.

Afterwards I clarified with myself what I'm really good at (counseling) and what I should stick to (healing work).

With these five principles in mind, you should become Un-Mess-Able With. Godspeed!

Always remember, you are guided!

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