5 Types of Mood Magic Type Tea I Drink, And Why

Are you feeling out of sorts, cranky, and cross?

When my world looks grey and gloomy, here are 5 herbal teas I sip. They work great for me to shift me into a better space. Of course, check with your doctor to make sure these are safe for you. 


When I burst into tears at a radio ad.  

When I feel itchy and discontented, as if a flu is coming on.

When I am angry at life in general.

Drinking one cup of wormwood tea per day (about 1 teaspoon of dried herb steedped in a cup of hot water), after three days I find myself spontaneously laughing aloud.


Important note: Licorice should NOT be taken if you have high blood pressure; it can make blood pressure spike into stroke territory. I have very, very low blood pressure, so it works for me. 

When my body is a sandbag that cannot be moved.  

When, especially at 4 pm, I feel so woozy and out of focus that I go catatonic on my couch.

When my imagination is so blocked I can't even picture standing up.

Despair, lethargy, apocalyptic thought patterns ...

After a teaspoon of licorice root steeped in a cup of boiling water until cool, my batteries have fully re-charged.  

Like coffee but without the high and crash, after a cup, I return to walk among the living.

I am able to sit up, look around, and recognize familiar objects.  And maybe even do some writing!


Pau d'Arco, aka Taheebo, aka Ipe Roxo

When I experience the insatiable Sugar Dragon awakening, but its cravings can never be quelled.

When my Sugar Dragon's demands rise up fiercely and in odd ways, like for half a jar of fig jam in the middle of the night.  

When I know I've  consciously over-indulged in sugar, and I see the skin on my fingers and toes form tiny white bubbles, and start to peel.  

When I feel itchy in all my mucous membranes: nose, ears, and down there.

When emotionally I feel needy and weak; when I stalk old boyfriends on Facebook.  

When, at home, I'm irritable, sensitive, and demanding.  

When out, I pout  and sulk when the restaurant generously adds extra cheese to my salad order.

After drinking pau d'arco (1 teaspoon of dried herb in a cup of boiling water, three cups per day), I normalize. I stabilize.  My blood sugar levels flatten out. One piece of chocolate suffices, the second piece tastes off or rotten, often moldy.

Chasteberry, Vitex

When I have menstrual moodiness, shouting.  

When my body feels off-kilter, swollen in the breasts and tummy.  

When I have short-term memory scattiness, and I complete tasks out of order.

When I can't finish a sentence ... (This can drive a friend bonkers).  When I cause irritation in others.  

When, at home, clothes and papers and dishes pile up.  

When I'm feeling scattered, shattered, all over the place.

This one needs to be boiled. And I don't like the flavor. I'll boil 1 teaspoon in about three cups of water and then sip the water, reluctantly, all day.

After Chasteberry, I feel order, rhythm, calm.  I can go along with the flow.  I can take Life on Life's terms.  I more easily accept reality.


When I feel guilt, sadness, shame, when I feel "unclean" and wrong, especially about what I've done or said.

When, in my body and especially my stomach, I experience nausea, indigestion, and bloating.

When I've eaten too many pizza slices, and when I feel a heaviness in my intestines blocking my gut intuition.

When my mind is filled with fogginess.

When I sense a lack of forgiveness for myself and others.

When sleepiness takes over and I'm unable to process new information.

When I find myself saying, "What?" a lot.  When I have a certain deafness to Life.  Also, when I'm too hot, no matter what the temperature is or which clothes I'm wearing.

I take just the mint leaves themselves, not mixed with green or black tea - I check the box ingredients. A little goes a long way: a half a teaspoon in a cup of boiling water is enough for me. One cup usually does it.

After mint tea, I feel a lightness of body and spirit.

I sense a sharpening of my perceptions and an uplift in my mood.

Do you have a favorite tea? Please email me on info@shannonwalbran.com and tell me what it is, and what it does for you!

Thanks to the Plant Kingdom for supporting us through all our trials and tribulations. 

Always remember, you are guided!

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