He said, "My Guides don't talk to me." Do yours?

In Shannon Walbran Psychic School, my free group on Facebook, I recently asked: "Good morning, psychics! Have you seen / heard / felt any signs yet today?"

A member answered, "Nope."

I followed up and asked him, "OK, what are your top ten signs that your Guides are communicating with you?"

He answered, "Shannon, to be honest I have no idea. Can you give me a clue please."

Here's my reply:

You answered "nope," to have you seen any signs? so I wondered what your signs were.

If you don't have any signs, or if you don't know what your signs are, how can you know if you're receiving them or not receiving them?

It's like me sending you Whatsapp messages, and you don't have Whatsapp on your phone?

"How do your angels communicate with you currently?" is one of the three entry questions I ask when people come into this Shannon Walbran Psychic School group.

Some people, like you, say, "They aren't" or "I don't know."

Now would be a good time to find out! Some signs are: 

  • A feather on the ground
  • A coin
  • A specific color, especially an unusual one
  • A song on the radio that is "your" song
  • A rainbow
  • Waking up at a specific time
  • Hearing your name called out, but there's nobody there
  • Hearing a knocking sound
  • Having the TV, computer, or radio turn on all by itself
  • Electric lights blinking
  • Seeing repeating numbers like 444 or 18:18 or 1234
  • Getting a phone call out of the blue
  • Getting a missed call from 'nobody' 
  • Body sensations like burning palms, tingling feet, or a tap on the shoulder
  • A dream (although I personally don't interpret dreams)
  • A specific smell (bad or good to indicate no or yes)

Those are some examples. Got some new ideas now?

What are your signs? They ARE talking to you.

Noticing the patterns - that's your first step to starting your dialogue with your divine guidance systems!

Always remember, you are guided!

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