Secrets from the Seekers

Today I'd like to write a blog post about what it's been like to work very closely with amazing, high-vibration men and women from all over the world, helping draw them closer to their faith.

But I can't.  Because I promised our work together would be 100% confidential!

So what can I share?

I've witnessed a woman who was a mouse transform into a ... well, not a lion, but at least a very large cat.

She's standing up for herself in her relationship.  She's articulating what she wants out of life.  She's taking big steps in the real world.

She used to hide behind some woo-woo lite beliefs such as,  "Good things come to those who wait."

In dialoguing with her Guides *every day* both with me as her channel and on her own, she's found out that good things come to those who ACT!

A man, when he first came into the group, was super grumpy.

He was so down that it was hard for me to work with him, and I didn't look forward to our channeling calls (weekly) or our big 5-hour solo sessions (once per month).

But as the guidance started to take hold, he changed (and I also prayed for him, and I prayed for patience, and God granted him a better mood and me serenity).

He still asked the same questions over and over, and he still spent part of our session complaining rather than focusing on what he could DO about her many challenges.  But he started growing.

He became more light-hearted.  He started posting inspiring posts into the group Facebook page.  And you know what happened next?

He left.

He dropped out - he said it was because of money, and maybe it was, but in a way I think he had learned as much as he could for the time being, and then he needed to apply it in her real life.

That's totally ok with me. As long as people put in their minimum time and their maximum participation (it's a requirement to post a question every day; no lurkers allowed!), people can leave when they need to. Free choice, free will.

I am not allowed to give you any further details about their lives or describe the actions they took - because I take my confidentiality pledge super seriously.

But I can tell you: it works.

People grow. When you ASK for divine guidance every day, you are putting yourself in a position of surrender.  That in itself invites grace.

When you TAKE the divine guidance and make the calls, move house, or apologize to your child, that's when the magic starts to happen.


So it has been a pleasure and a privilege to be translator and witness, and my love for both of these Seekers (and the rest of the Seekers in both the women's and the men's groups) has expanded way beyond what I first felt or even imagined I could feel.

I love them. 

I love them like you love someone you overhear singing to themselves - a little bit vulnerable, revealing their inner feelings by the song they choose to sing.

I welcome you to join me as a Seeker, just for three months. You can stay longer if you wish, but three months is the minimum it takes to see real change in your life.

This is what I bet: you'll find inspiration from the other Seekers and the amazing questions they ask, and I am certain you'll find answers to your toughest problems, as so many have before you.

Email me on to get on the waiting list for the next openings in the Seekers groups!

Always remember, you are guided!

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