Two Stories: Death and Life

Today I received two impactful pieces of news, one about death and one about life.

First, death. A woman I mentored a few years ago, "P," passed away last night from Covid complications.

Next, life. A woman I taught to make a vision board, Euline Reid, wrote to me that one of her biggest dreams on her board had come true.

Story 1: Stubborn is as stubborn does

"P," the woman who died, was in my Seekers group in 2016-2017. She had some health complications and some family issues, and her Guides gave her the advice, over and over, to move to the UK to sort both of those out.

She refused.

"I like living in South Africa. My friends are here. I have a dream to build a healing centre, and it has to be here."

Her Guides gave her reason after reason, even found her a job listing that would suit her, and pointed out that her family and her medical care would be good for her on that side.

P wouldn't budge.

One day in 2017, when I went to answer P's daily Seekers question on another topic altogether, I found that I couldn't. My internal screen went blank.

I turned to my Guides and hers, and asked, "What can I do? How can I help her?"

They replied, "This is a matter of life and death. If P doesn't move to the UK, her life is at risk. If she is refusing to listen to this advice, we are going to withdraw our advice through you on every other topic."

I was shocked. I thought I had to keep helping people no matter what.

When I broke the news to P, she was rightfully upset. She asked, "Have I done something to offend you personally?"

I told her the truth: "Just as I'm guided to help people, I'm also guided to NOT help people." Then I called her on the phone and we hashed it out in a long conversation.

In 2018, P and I spoke on the phone again, and she said she'd come to terms with the fact I couldn't be her translator any more.

In 2019, she posted on Facebook (we were still FB friends) that she had a pneumonia attack that almost killed her.

In December 2020, she posted she was ill and getting weaker. She posted a photo of her wedding, with her husband who was now already dead. I thought, "P is getting ready to transition."

And now, she's gone. She contributed a lot to her community; she was a fundraiser and an organizer. She healed others but couldn't heal herself (as is usually the case).

Would she have lived longer and had a happier life with her family in the UK? I believe so.

One of the "RIP - I'll miss you" posts on Facebook this morning alluded to the fact that P could be very stubborn. I think this might have been from one of her caretakers:

"I am crying, P, but I guess you have gone to a better place. Thank you for being a part of my life. so wise and yet so stubborn, til we meet again, my heart is so broken."

Story 2: Life, Vision, Hope

You might remember Euline Reid, who agreed to let me use her name in sharing this story. She is the vivacious TV presenter who hosted me on the SABC show Fokus last year.

In January 2020, Euline and I cozied up in my kitchen and made vision boards together.

Here is the clip on YouTube if you'd like to watch it (about 7 minutes):

Today, 9 Jan 2021, Euline texted me that the words, "Lights, Camera, Action!" on that vision board came true.

She was recently asked to act in one of South Africa's most famous soap opera, 7de Laan ("7th Avenue"), which has been on air since 2000.

It was a huge leap forward for Euline, who has been presenting on magazine and news shows but never as a dramatic actress.

Euline is a talented, smart woman with a big vision. So was P.

But P was stubborn, and Euline is flexible.

What differentiates the two is that Euline listens to her guidance and goes with it, instead of fighting it every step of the way.

What can we learn from these two stories?

Our Guides want the best for us.

When They give us tough guidance or challenging advice, it's not to thwart us or to irritate us.

It's because They can see the bigger picture.

Please, listen to your guidance.

Take the steps.

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