What can the Chinese New Year bring you?

Happy Chinese New Year!

What good luck will this New Year bring you, and how can you leverage it?

The Chinese believe each new year is represented by one of twelve animals. Each one is good in its own way for love, work, abundance and wealth - fantastic!

But the negatives, however, are laziness, sloth, and greediness. No!

With the global rise of Marie Kondo and minimalism, let's look at how Chinese New Year animals can help you achieve and receive what you need without crossing the line into excess.

Align with the wisdom of the animal for this year, and avoid the behaviors and characteristics of this animal's weaknesses. Here is the list:



Strong, hard-working, reliable. Accomplishes what they set out to do. A good leader who's goal and detail-oriented.


Bull-headed, stubborn, too introverted, lonely, and insecure.



Confident about yourself and your creativity. You can be charismatic, charming, ambitious, and lovely to be around.


Sometimes extra-sensitive and moody. Very few people can match your intensity, so you need to diversify your social circles and spread your friendships out.



Caring, connecting, sensitive, compassionate. Always has the other person's interests at heart.


Skittishness, fearful of conflict, therefore tells white lies to avoid fights. Can be a pushover but then grow resentful later.



Zest for life! Attractive! A natural leader! Lots of exclamation marks! Lucky in love!


You can be too bossy. You don't listen enough when people offer suggestions and ideas about how they want to make your grand plans work.



Intuitive, generous, helpful. You can perceive accurately what's really going on.


Because of your insights, you can slip into paranoia. Watch out, wait for people to act. Don't become insecure, jealous, or vengeful.



Your independence is admirable. You are self-sufficient and free. You have lots of energy as long as you eat well.


You have a hard time committing. You're always looking for the "next bright shiny object" instead of being content with what you have. Be careful of gambling.



You love wandering in your thoughts and you are a creative thinker who solves problems. You're affectionate with people, and you'll take on any dilemma.


Disorganized, over-reactive, and immature. You need lots of support and reassurance.


Wisdom: energetic, upbeat, and love having fun all the time. You are also a great listener and need to stay stimulated intellectually.

Weakness: You focus on your pleasure first and lack self-control. You are not good at long term relationships.



Practical, trustworthy, honest, and forward. You can also be observant and analytical.


You can be too rigid and controlling: it's your way or the highway. You tell people things that they're not ready to hear.



Faithful and loyal to those you love, you will be there for them no matter what. You stick to a project until it's done.


You are prone to mood swings, and you're sensitive, but because you hide your feelings, your tantrums come as too much of a surprise to your loved ones.



Your focus is on the world and what it needs as a whole. You love to study innovations and solutions.


You can be overly kind one moment and rather condescending the next, especially when others haven't heard of the 'famous' people you're referencing.



Resourceful, versatile, kind, and generous, especially to those you perceive have power.


A lack of self-control leads you to greed and you are vulnerable to get-rich-quick schemes.

So, which of these 12 animals represents this year? What about the year of your birth?

The Wise Chinese New Year animal says: You can have anything, as long as it's truly useful.

Questions to ask yourself:

Do I NEED another jacket, or do I have three jackets that fit me already? Check if it's a need versus a want. This year, go with only "needs."

Ask yourself, "Why am I tempted to buy this? Am I feeling lonely or under-appreciated?"

The Wise Chinese New Year animal says: What you measure, you treasure.

Are you not sure what you've eaten today, and why you're gaining weight? Keep a food diary starting NOW.

Are you not certain why your expenses are greater than your income? Start a daily expense spreadsheet, free on Google Sheets. Now!

The Wise Chinese New Year animal says: Pleasure alone is not happiness.

Ice cream tastes good in the moment, but if you feel bloated and nauseous later, was it worth it?

Sex is indeed amazing, but if you feel terribly guilty afterwards because you don't even really like the person - hmmm.

Happiness is the by-product of "being of service and doing the next right thing."

Check to see if what you're about to do is for pleasure or happiness.

What are you learning from the Wise Chinese New Year animal?

What do you need to be wary of from the Foolish version of the New Year animal?

Leave a comment below with your insights!

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