Do saints help us, even in these days? A story for you

Are you trying to sell a house? 

I put my apartment on the market in August 2017, and then all of a sudden home sales in Johannesburg completely stagnated.

I had three estate agents working on it, but we weren't even getting any visitors to the showings!

When I first listed the apartment, I remembered my mom telling me her secret to selling a house: bury a statue of St. Joseph in the garden.

Why St. Joseph?

St. Joseph is the earthly father of Jesus, and he was a carpenter. He found shelter for Mary and Jesus in the manger in Bethlehem, when Jesus was born, and he brought the little Holy Family to safety in Egypt when they were being persecuted by the king.

So, St. Joseph is the patron saint of houses.

I buried a small plastic statue of St. Joseph in the corner of my garden, between wrist and elbow deep. Then I prayed (we call it "invoking," as we don't pray TO a saint, but we ask for the saint's help), asking St. Joseph to watch over the home and to help me sell it as fast as possible.

Patience and Prayer

It didn't seem to be working.

Months passed!

I decided to pack up and move to a new neighborhood, as if I had sold the place, even though nothing was happening. I had the feeling that if it were empty and completely cleared of my energy, it might sell faster.

I moved out on 15 April 2018, and I cleaned the apartment thoroughly, smudging it with incense, still asking St. Joseph for help.

Good News

The day before my birthday, six weeks later, on 28 May 2018, I got a call from my estate agent, who said we had a written offer to purchase, the first one since August the year before. Wow! What a wait!

I signed it and then went straight to the old place to let in an electrician, so he could check everything and issue an electrical Certificate of Compliance.

As he was working on a few loose wires, I headed out to the garden, remembering that I should find and dig up the statue of St. Joseph.


Now remember, I hadn't been in this flat for over a month, and nobody had touched the garden; it was overgrown and weedy.

As I approached the corner where I remember burying the statue, I saw something lying on the surface of the soil. St. Joseph! He had emerged from the ground! 

St. Joseph is on top of the soil, no longer buried!

It was as if he knew that his job was done. The sale was going through, so therefore he had completed his mission.

I picked him up and then took him to my new home, where I washed him off and set him lovingly on my bookshelf / altar / holy space, where I burn incense and light candles. 

Ready to be taken home, washed, and put in a place of honor.

Thank you, St. Joseph!

Here is a link to the exact instructions about how to bury a statue of St. Joseph in or near your home, how to say daily prayers about the sale, and what to do once your house has been sold.

You can buy a statue or even make one, or print an image from the internet and put it in a plastic bag. The intention is what makes the difference.

Heads-up: Guides don't do TIMING

Now, here's an important reminder: Guides do NOT work on specific timeframes, especially where other people are concerned.

I just received an upset email from a client who wrote, "[My session with Shannon] involved putting our house in the market for sale and renting a smaller afordable place in the east of Johannesburg.

She guided us to move out of our house, clean it out and that it would sell within 3 months. It has been 5 months now and we are still struggling to get the house sold.

It is really causing a financial mess and we dont know what to do anymore. It is creating a lot of stress for me and my family."

Hold on a second. I never, ever guarantee timelines. The bolded line above, implying that I said the house would sell in a certain timeframe, just can't be true. 

A house sale depends on OTHER people, it's not in your hands. Guides can give advice about how to sell a house, when to put it on the market, which estate agents to use (or if you should sell it yourself), and many other things.

But timelines are never guaranteed - please understand that, or you might get yourself into a stressful situation.

Therefore, in a session, I recommend that you NOT ask, "When will this happen?" That's a fortune-telling question. 

Rather, please ask, "Should I try to make this happen? If so, how can I help it along? What can I do? What's in my hands?"

Always remember, you are guided!

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