What are your internal and external signs of being guided by your inner wisdom?

How do you KNOW when you are guided?

Today I'd like to share with you some of the ways I know, personally. Can you identify with these?

Shannon Walbran

I have 2 kinds of #guided signals, internal and external.

Some of my internal signals are:

🎈 I feel my body turning toward something important for me to see or do

🎈 My ears and eyes pick up key phrases as if they are 10 times louder or brighter than normal

🎈 I feel a bubbling sense of delight and excitement at certain news

Externally, some of my signal are:

📞 People phone or email me with unexpected invitations

📰 A stranger crosses my path and tells me something crucial

🎟️ A house, job, ticket, or object I need becomes suddenly available at below the price I was hoping to pay

⏰ Events start late but something better happens because of the delay

What are your indications of being #guided? I asked my email newsletter subscribers, and they let me know theirs.

Here are a few examples

From M:

Some of my internal indications of being #guided are:

  • Through dreams - I normally don’t dream of ”serious” dreams but once in a while, I will dream of someone (deceased or alive) giving me some sort of a signal/indication that they are they for me by rescuing me from a situation, showing me some comfort. 
  • I will literally feel relieved and light  as if something huge has ben taken off my shoulders. This normally happens after I have prayed about an issue I will be dealing with.

Some of my external indications of being guided are:

  • A photo/item/object/phone number, etc of a person will just feature out of no where. Most of the time that I think it becomes an indication and I will end up smiling with myself.
  • I will suddenly find something crucial/an object of utmost importance at a given time.

From G:

1. Sometimes it feels like my body physically turns to face something that I must see. 

2. Lately I have noticed, sometimes I see a message about 2 to 3 times, then I know it's a sign or must I look into it. 

3. Lol sometimes it feels like a guessing game, eenie miney moe. To select what choice to make. Lol I don't know if that makes sense and if it works out as guidance. 

From S:

I don't know if I feel #guided or how it works really.
But there are days I feel at peace or that tomorrow is gonna be a good day or something great is gonna happen in my sleep.

And now, dear guided friend and reader, back to you!

Do these help you figure out what your guided signs are?

How does your inner wisdom speak with you?

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