Quick results with a digital Feng Shui vision board

A vision board is a collection of images representing what you're inviting into your life. No limits! Dream big!

You can invite in:

  • material things (dresses, houseplants, a singing bowl)
  • experiences (travel, classes, nature hikes)
  • people (a writing group, friendly neighbors)
  • and more!

A vision board has magic. It’s not just a shopping list or a to-do list.

It also helps you discern and hone in on your desires. As you find and assemble the pictures, you keep checking in with your emotions to see if you truly want these dreams. Or new ones?

Perhaps you've outgrown an old desire and are ready to make space for bigger and better.

When I recently created a vision board, I tried an innovative technique, and I'm proud of how it turned out. I'd like to share with you how I did it, and the great results I'm getting already!

How do you make a vision board, and what's the innovation this time?

The old-school way to create a vision board is: rip apart a stack of old magazines and paste them on a big piece of poster board.

The new way is to design a digital collage using your own photos or stock photos.

My innovative additions this year are: make it digital, and rev up the magic with the secret ingredient of Feng Shui.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui (rhymes with "fun way") is a Chinese practice of increasing flow. The simplest way to describe it is “rearranging the furniture for good energy.”

You bring things into your house that you’d like to see in your life. You remove clutter and broken items. You use symbols, colors, numbers and elements to shift the energy at home and therefore in the rest of your world.

You might have heard of Marie Kondo, the famous Japanese de-cluttering specialist. She asks if everyday items at home "spark joy." Well, this is why!

I’m really into Feng Shui at the moment. I’ve made adjustments throughout my house to increase energy and flow. Based on my great results so far, I've created a course for you on the subject, too, called “Fun Ways with Feng Shui.”

My previous vision boards were random and intuitive. Nothing wrong with that! They worked!

But this time, using the Feng Shui map helped me ensure that I didn’t forget any aspect of my life. My board felt more complete.

Placing each image into its correct category also helped me understand which areas of my life are easy, or difficult, to visualize. I saw where I had clarity, and where I didn't. Some areas of my life I had been too abstract and vague about.

The Feng Shui technique cleared up my overall vision.

What are the 9 Feng Shui categories?

The Feng Shui map looks like a tic-tac-toe / naughts and crosses board, or a hashtag. #

I divide my board into nine sections. Each section aligns with a corner of the Feng Shui map.

Start from the bottom left and read from left to right, going upwards toward the top right corner.

The 9 categories are:

  • Self-Knowledge
  • Career
  • Travel and Guides
  • Family and Friends
  • Health
  • Children and Creativity
  • Money and Abundance
  • Reputation
  • Partnerships

The map looks like this:

My Digital Feng Shui Vision Board Process

I set aside about an hour and a half to create my feng shui vision board.

I do still like a paper vision board. A while ago, I even went on TV to teach how to do this.

However, I've downsized and cleaned up, and I don’t keep magazines around. I also don’t have the right space for a big poster! So I wanted to make a digital vision board.

You could use either your laptop or a smartphone. I used my iPhone, and stock images were clear enough. To put them together, I downloaded a free collage-making app.

I examined each Feng Shui category one by one, and I thought about what I was truly wishing for. What would make me happiest?

As soon as I located some random pictures, it was easy to become more specific with my search terms. Then I could find even better versions.

Sure, I’d love a “tropical beach vacation,” but should it look like a desert island, or a cool city like Rio de Janeiro?

Searching, selecting, and re-searching made me narrow down my choices.

When I had a bunch of screenshots and stock photos, I went through my Feng Shui map, category by category.

First I made 9 little collages, and then I assembled those into one bigger collage.

Here is what I came up with:

I like how it looks!

My feng shui vision board for this year is complete. It’s organized, and I left nothing out.

Quick results

Is my Feng Shui vision board working already? YES!

A category I'd never put on a vision board before is Partnerships. This means colleagues and people I'd enjoy working with. It's in the same corner as Love Relationship, the upper right.

Here's a close-up of my Partnerships collage:

Since creating this vision board, I've had two productive phone calls with Accountability Buddies. The women are my contemporaries, creative, and energetic. They have big ideas. They are smart and helpful.

Best of all, it's a mutual exchange.

They have space and time to be a sounding board for my projects, as I do for theirs. They don't need me to coach them (which I gladly do all day long) but I need something equal for my personal and professional development.

I'm thrilled that I included images in the Partnerships corner and that it's already starting to bear fruit.

Try it yourself!

Would you like to give this Digital Feng Shui Vision Board technique a try? You can do it on your own, or I can offer you support.

Join my 9 week course "Fun Ways With Feng Shui." We will start with a vision board and then learn how adjust the 9 areas of your home space, bringing peace and flow to all aspects of your life!

The "Fun Ways with Feng Shui" course is US $180; that's $20 per week. It includes a Facebook group where you can post photos and ask questions. And share success stories! Email me on info@shannonwalbran.com to start.

I wish you success in all 9 areas!

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