Are you a New Human? Tools to Try!

My friend Sigrid van Heerwaarden, a healer based in The Netherlands, asked me an intriguing question: Are you a New Human?

We can answer yes, no, or “I’m on my way.”

Our answer depends on if we have a clear understanding of how a New Human acts.

My answer is: the New Human is one who Plays with Purpose.

Homo Sapiens or Homo Ludens?

​You’ve heard the term Homo Sapiens, which names our species as “wise person,” or Humans Who Think.

We humans have certainly been thinking a lot! But where has it led us? Many of us live only in our minds now, neglecting our bodies and our spirits.

What we think about is not necessarily nourishing for us, either. I’ve been thinking a lot about the economy, war, and, generally, trouble.

Over-thinking, in fact!

Maybe you've been overthinking, too?

Certainly we were born to think.

But we were born for far more than that.

Way back in 1991, I wrote a university paper called "Homo Ludens," which is the Latin term for Humans Who Play.

The original book Homo Ludens came out in 1938. A Dutch historian and cultural theorist named Johan Huizinga wrote:

“... Civilization arises and unfolds in, and as, play.”


“... We must be more than merely rational beings, for play is irrational.”

Play is a way of learning and solving problems that involves less thinking and more feeling, experimenting, and deep knowing.

Thinking uses the mind only. And it tires us out!

Play taps into both our physical senses and our inner selves. And it refreshes us!

Can Play Mean Video Games, Too?

If you have any kids in your life right now, you’ll observe they’re obsessed with playing video games. You’ll also notice they are learning a lot and want to tell you all about their games! They are learning about Life from video game play.

Video games may not be my way of learning.

But video games do teach kids about:

  • taking turns
  • reaching for goals
  • trying again and again
  • leaping from environment to environment
  • crazy-impossible solutions

How can we adults become a more advanced version of Homo Ludens - because life is not all video games.

Sure, we can gamify our health routines (hello, Fitbit!).

We can set timers to see how quickly we can complete work tasks (I’ve set a timer to finish writing this article!)

But as mature spiritual beings, we need to play for a larger purpose.

Parents complain about videogames because they are a huge “distraction from real life.” They don't "accomplish" anything.

What if we could play AND accomplish our divine purpose?

How to Play with Purpose

I suggest: Let's use fun but simple tools, like ordinary playing cards, to receive divine guidance.​

Once we receive that divine guidance, we can apply it to our everyday lives and create change, to help us meet our real-life goals.

The elements of play:

  • luck
  • chance
  • mystery
  • hope
  • rules
  • format
  • ritual

The elements of thinking:

  • narrowing down the problem (discernment)
  • phrasing the question (language)
  • reading the cards (literacy)
  • writing down the advice (paying attention, recording, recall)
  • taking action (executive function)

Let's Play

​Here’s an example of a question and an answer, using ordinary playing cards.

This is a question I asked yesterday.


How close am I to getting over this sinus problem that’s been bothering me for a few weeks? It’s not Covid, I’ve tested. So what can I do about it?


10 of Clubs

My interpretation:

10 is a pretty high number but not yet to the royal cards. A high number is close to the end. A low number would mean I was just at the beginning.

This 10 means I’m almost done with this problem.

Clubs means people. Clubs tells me I need to get others involved. This is an issue I can’t solve on my own. I'll contact a kinesiologist healer I know, since she's been coming up in my thoughts lately.

How can we act, and play, as a New Human?

The New Human uses the toys of childhood for the goals of the higher self.

In this case, I used ordinary playing cards to ask a question about what to do next for my health.

Then, I took action on it, and now I'm feeling better!

I look forward to helping you learn and use these tools so that you can get your own answers whenever you need them.

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