Look for the Evidence: 3 ways to know #YouAreGuided

I love evidence, don’t you?

Evidence can arrive in several forms.

1. In the psychic world, we call it a “hit” when we get an answer that matches our question with surprising accuracy.

2. We also find "confirmations" in real life. That's when objects and circumstances arrive out of the blue to confirm our guidance.

3. Then there's an "update." This is feedback after we apply our guidance: what happened?

Evidence is so satisfying for both the psychic and the client!

Evidence helps us continue to listen for guidance and try new activities to solve our problems, believing more and more that we are guided.

I wanted to share a recent hit, a confirmation, and an update to inspire you and to help you look for evidence in your own life.

Shine Like A Diamond

I asked my Guides, “This week, which area of my life should I focus on, and with what level of intensity?”

Then I drew a playing card.

I know that the 4 suits in the playing cards represent 4 areas of life (Love, Money, People, and Work).

The numeric range from Ace to King can represent intensity.

I drew a King of Diamonds.

King of Diamonds

Drawing the suit of Diamonds tells me I should focus my attention this week on everything connected to money: earning it, tracking it, investing it, and spending it wisely.

Because I drew a King, the highest card, I should focus on the area of money with my full intensity.

1. This is a hit

This King of Diamonds card exactly matches my understanding of what's going on in my life right now - lots of opportunities, new bank accounts and financial investments to take care of.

I accepted the answer and brainstormed projects I should put effort into: banking, tracking, budgeting, making phone calls.

I postponed other activities unrelated to money. For example, I’ve been meaning to return calls and set up coffee dates with friends, but those can wait until next week.

2. Confirmation

As I was getting ready to leave the house, I saw a small piece of paper on the floor.

I think it was part of the wrapper from a Band-Aid/plaster I opened yesterday? Look at the shape!

That's a diamond!

That’s a diamond!

Seeing this distinctive shape within a few minutes of getting my Diamonds message serves as a confirmation: “We mean it!”

3. Update and Feedback

I made the phone calls and checked the accounts. I reconciled my budget and allocated funds to my short and long-term goals. I looked at my credit card statement to make sure I recognized all the transactions.

Then I researched flights to South Africa, for our upcoming trip. Wow! I found an amazing deal! I jumped on it and bought the tickets within the hour, saving more than a thousand dollars from my original estimate.

Because I followed my guidance and focused on my finances, I was able to get lucky.

Your Turn

Hope this story helps you to ask for guidance and look for confirmations, and then keep track of your updates and feedback from life.

Building up our personal portfolio of #YouAreGuided helps us get brave and get lucky.

We then take up new opportunities, try new things, put yourself in new circumstances – because fortune favors the bold (and especially the #guided!)

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