Surprising strategies to manifest prosperity

Today I’d like to tell you a few stories about manifesting.

Manifesting means "creating the reality we want."

I use three main tools to manifest things I’m hoping to bring into my life:

  • Vision boards
  • Journaling
  • Affirmations

A few days ago, I was coaching my Seekers on manifesting prosperity.

Since everybody was complaining about not feeling very abundant at the moment, I suggested they use the very effective affirmations composed by the well-known teacher Louise Hay.

To use affirmations, we can:

  • read them silently to ourselves
  • read them aloud
  • record them as a voice note and listen to them
  • sing them
  • one other special way I will explain in a moment

The affirmations we found were these:

"I live in a loving, abundant, harmonious universe, and I am grateful.

I am now willing to be open to the unlimited prosperity that exists everywhere.

Money is a state of mind that supports me.

I allow prosperity to enter my life on a higher level than ever before."

- Louise Hay

I wrote these affirmations out for my Seeker coaching clients and asked them to say them out loud.

The Process

There are three steps to manifesting properly:

  1. Making the wish/statement
  2. Noticing the results
  3. Celebrating and building up our trust and faith

Getting a bit more detailed -

When you make your wish, visualize what you'd love to bring into your life. Be happy when you're imagining it - don't be salty that it's not here yet!

Write it out in the present form: I have X. I am happy I have X.

Notice all signs, signals, and luck coming your way. Celebrate those!

My Results

After I helped my Seekers clients, I organized my day and packed my handbag to run errands.

However! It wasn't just an ordinary morning!

When I pulled a larger briefcase from the back of my closet, I found $50 in one of the pockets!

When I checked my email, I saw a refund on my taxes getting deposited into my bank account!

My friend phoned me and asked if she could treat me to a coffee at a fancy restaurant I’ve been wanting to try!

And lastly, the weirdest one.

An entire lunch of takeaway Asian food was delivered to my doorstep.

I had not ordered this, and it was clearly a mistake. Also, I can't eat soy sauce, so I didn't even open the package. I posted it on my building's internal Facebook group. No response!

Figuring that it had gone to the same numbered apartment in the other building in our complex, I dropped it off there with a note.

But the GIFT of the lunch, even though it was a "mistake," showed me that The Universe is clearly open for business!

original photo by Kai Pilger via Unsplash

The Secret Extra Step

These minor miracles happened within an hour of my writing out those affirmations for my clients.

Sharing is caring.

Wow. I had kind of forgotten that whatever we say can manifest, whether it’s for ourselves or for other people.

Add this step into your manifestation ritual: share your wishes with other people, for yourself and for them.

Wishing for more friends? Wish for more friends for your sister as well.

Hoping for a new job? Ask for new jobs for your neighbors as well.

Manifesting new love? State that your friends also find perfect partners.

The Clients' Results, Too!

Oh, and what about for the clients?

One found a posting for a new job, that suits her talents.

Another decided to hire a virtual assistant to take over some of her side hustle tasks, to give her Time Prosperity.

Another received "a small amount of money," spontaneously.

Add this sharing practice to your own manifestation rituals. Say and write affirmations for other people. Your generosity of spirit could return to you in surprising ways!

What evidence of abundance and prosperity arrives at your door when you share these affirmations with others?

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