Start with these affirmations to overcome doubt!

Clients often ask me this question:

How can I get over my doubts?

What they're going for is:

"How can I amplify my inner wisdom to obtain the confidence I need to create the life of my dreams?"

We are modern people who read, think, and figure things out with our minds.

How can we tune in to our spirit, instead?

And would that be a faster, easier way forward?

Recently I met a woman named Elif Köse. Elif interviewed me for a YouTube series called "Confidence Leads to Success."

Her personal story impressed me, and I wanted to share it with you, because I think you might be able to relate.

A story of personal courage

Fifteen years ago, Elif moved from Turkey to the UK, without knowing how to speak any English.

She dreamed she could become a fashion designer, but she had no connections.

She started off as an apprentice and learned the whole field from scratch. Now she’s running a business worldwide. Wow!

From growing her solo operation into an empire, Elif is now coaching women on confidence.

Logical, right?

Her tagline is “empowering women through fashion.”

She helps people look good, and now she helps them feel good about themselves and their dreams.

A fascination with transformation

One of the reasons I jumped on this interview is that I’m fascinated by transformation.

It makes sense to me that we can help ourselves step into our greatness by working on our inner selves and our outer selves, simultaneously.

Do you know those “before and after” videos? I watch them on YouTube all the time.

House design, apartment re-decorating, makeup and clothing makeovers.

Yes, if I had to start my career over again, I would for sure choose fashion designer as one of my life paths. I love design.

One reason I am a teacher and a coach is that I help people design - not their homes, but their lives.

What would you become, if you could start over? (Maybe you still could!) - affirmations to start

One of the ways I know how to step into another aspect of my dream life is to dress the part.

These outer adjustments mirror an inner adjustment: self-love.

If I were to begin again, I'd also start with these affirmations:

  • I acknowledge myself
  • I am here. I am present
  • I take care of myself
  • I love myself exactly as I am right now
  • I appreciate how far I have come
  • I can envision my future with clarity

In my interview with Elif, I explain how I choose to design my life and the lives of my clients by using my Urban Angel Cards to gain clarity.

The 4 steps

I explain to international fashion designer and confidence coach Elif Köse these four steps:

1. Clarity

2. Confidence

3. Courage

4. Cultivating our intuition

I invite you to start with these affirmations, use cards to externalize your intuition, take guided action immediately, and reflect on what's working for you so that you can grow yourself into the life you're designing!

Here's a link to the conversation with Elif

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