How did the client know this technique ahead of time?

It's been magical being in Joburg and working in-person with you after so long via only Zoom.

Zoom is convenient, of course, but I like sitting in the same room with you!

Today I have a mystery for you.

This week a young woman came through for a 1:1 one hour, ten-question session.

After we said our opening prayer, I heard from her Guides, "Teach her muscle testing."

Muscle testing is a technique that gives you clear yes and no answers by rubbing your hands or fingers together. 

Muscle testing

As I demonstrated, she said, "Oh, I already do that!"

I looked at her in total surprise. 

"You already get yes/no answers from rubbing your fingers together?" She nodded yes.

Did someone teach this to you, like a kinesiologist?"

She shook her head no. "I just know how to do it..." 

She said, "It's a habit. My whole family knows I do this. It's just something I do.

She continued: "At work, for example, I'll be sitting in a meeting, and we'll be discussing a new contract, and I rub my fingers together, and my fingers 'stop' when we get to the right point."


That is how muscle testing works! 

This interaction gave me such an electric feeling, I wanted to share the story with you.

Luckily, I was able to teach her some refinement to the method. 

Muscle Testing Variations

  1. Counting

For example, you can count, using your fingers:

"What time should I go to bed tonight? 7? 8? 9? 10?" 

The answer is where your fingers stop. 

Your body is telling you how much sleep it needs, please listen!

2. Finding food

You can also use it when you are hungry but don't know what to eat, and nothing sounds appealing: 

"Is there something in the fridge? 

Is it on the top shelf? 

The middle shelf? 

Oh, the bottom shelf, there's that takeaway box I forgot about!"

Give these strategies a try?


But the fact that this client already knew how to do it, all on her own, and was practicing spontaneously and naturally, made me wonder if she had learned it in a past life. 

How else to explain her innate knowledge of a technique that only a few people on Earth are aware of?

What is your idea about how she already understood and practiced this technique? 

I'd love to hear!

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