Are you ready or not? Nomphelo was, Marcy wasn't, yet!

Marcy came into my office looking for answers, but it turned out she wasn’t ready … and that’s perfectly fine.

"I'm too scared to ask!" she said.

I took out the deck of Urban Angel Cards. 

I explained how they work.

I said that angel cards can show you: 

  • what’s a good idea
  • where you should try something else
  • how to meet your dreams and goals

"But I don’t even know what my dreams and goals are!" said Marcy.

I peered at Marcy's face. There was something else going on. I waited.

"I can't know," she cried out. "I’m carrying SO MUCH!"

She threw her arms out wide, as if she had the whole Earth on her shoulders.

"Are those burdens yours alone?" I asked.

She spoke like a freight train with no brakes.

"No, not at all! The burdens belong to my partner and their family, because these terrible tragedies happened a few years ago …" 

She reeled off a list of violent events that I will not share with you because they were so heart-wrenching and indeed tragic.

She came to the end of the stories, and the freight train of her heavy burdens slowed to a stop. She sighed. 

She seemed a little more at peace, a little more present.

I added, "Of course, in addition to your in-law's burdens, you’re also carrying your current responsibilities of being a mother, a wife, and then there's also your career."

Her eyes got misty.

"Yes, yes, that’s why I don’t know what I truly want.

"I can't even ask a question.

"I'm afraid the cards are going to tell me what to do, and I won't be able to do it.

"I can't take the first step."

Sympathizing, I nodded and set the cards down. I said, "I see. Is it at all possible …"

Lightning quick, she finished my sentence, “... that I’m using other people’s problems to postpone my own accomplishments? Yes. It’s very possible.”

Marcy stood up. I was shocked. She was leaving the session, only twenty minutes in, and with no answers.

"Shannon, just talking to you has been a great relief. Thank you, I understand what’s going on much more now."

And that was it! She left!

I’d never had such a session where I only held space for the client, she didn’t ask me to solve her problems, and yet while she sat there, she came to a new understanding on her own. 

It was a novel experience for me!

I prayed for Marcy after she left.

I wasn't sure whether I did what I was supposed to do. So, I drew a card.

My Guides gave me this card, Hidden.

The card shows a picture of a manhole cover on the street.

It reads, "Hidden. There is more going on than you can see. The workings are hidden. Wait for more information."

I decided to surrender the experience and see what would happen next.

An hour later, Marcy texted me a lovely thank you note.

It read, "Hi Shannon! Thank you for being you. Your energy and presence are always so pleasant and enlightening!"

Whew! I felt relieved.

Marcy was sorting herself out.

Story 2: Nomphelo was ready

Nomphelo Ngqula texted me out of the blue and gave me permission in a subsequent text to share her name and her story in this newsletter.

Nomphelo said I'd given her a message a while back, "Start small."

And she did exactly the right thing with the message: she looked "around" and "inside" herself.

She started planting vegetables in her back yard garden, and "the fulfilment I have right now is amazing."

Nomphelo "discovered that I actually have passion for agriculture" which is something she had never thought of.

Nomphelo, in contrast to Marcy, was READY.

This guidance landed with her so deeply, she immediately took guided action.

Her gratitude, through the text, felt so vivid to me, I wanted to share it with you.

And are you ready now?

So, when IS it time for you to use the Urban Angel Cards?

Here are three moments in your life when cards can really help:

1. "I Can't Get Started On My Project!"

When you have a project to do and you are just not feeling it, you can break the project down into micro-actions and draw cards on those. 

The most affirming card wins. 

Start with that micro-action first. 

It will be the most efficient doorway through which you can walk into the project. 

2. "Which Should I Choose, A or B?"

This helps when you have two fairly equal options. 

House A versus House B. 

Job A versus Job B. 

Romantic Partner A versus Romantic Partner B. 

You get the picture. 

Draw 2 cards, making sure you keep track of which card represents A or B.

The better card wins.

Make sure you are ready to follow through!

3. “Please, Angels, Just Give Me A Clue!"

If you haven’t the foggiest idea of what you need to do next, you can ask your angels, “Please, give me a clue.” 

Then, you’ll pull a card, but you won’t be looking for a yes/no. 

You’ll be studying the 

  • photo
  • colors
  • number of the card
  • text

... all to get a clue. 

This reading demands more lateral thinking.

When you're really needing a clue, I know you can find one.

Readiness Arrives

Sometimes we feel we are not ready for messages, but they come anyway.

If that happens to you, take it as a gift that you're going to unwrap in just a little while.

I believe in you!

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