My Bout With Covid, Finally

In personal news, I finally caught Covid.

I wrote to you at the beginning of the pandemic about how I was scared about catching it, and how I prep-cooked two weeks’ worth of food just in case I got sick and couldn’t feed myself and my family.

Well, by the time this variant rolled around (I reckon I got BA 2.75, by the symptoms list, including very sore back pains), I’ve been fully vaccinated and boosted (with no side effects, thank goodness). 

I was no longer afraid of hospitalization, but who wants to be sick at all, right?

Luckily I’d kept up with my Guides' advice about the two weeks’ prep cooking.

While ill, I literally only had to open the freezer, and food was ready.

That was great, because this Covid kicked my butt.

I was in bed for five days, asleep for about 3 of those, and only semi-awake the rest. (I could watch a YouTube video, but I couldn’t write or work).

My mom phoned to check in on me and asked, “Oh, did you have to reschedule a lot of clients?” 

No, I told her, I had only booked in podcast interviews for this week, and those were quick and easy and ended up landing on my “awake” days.

“Wow,” she replied, “You must have known ahead of time.”

Well, Mom, that’s kind of what I do, right? LOL.

But honestly, even though my Guides knew about the timing, I didn't.

Life still catches me by surprise, and that’s why I take my guidance seriously.

Because they can see the road ahead, like a traffic helicopter, much better than I can.

I hope this post finds you well, and I hope that any illnesses that catch you last for a very short time and that you're well prepared for them.

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