What do you do when you find a true pathmate?

I recently posted on my social media this one-frame meme that says, "I seek true pathmates."

Perhaps a true pathmate seems like a miracle to you.

An unattainable miracle, maybe?

If you've ever gone on a long hike, or planned a trip with a group, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

Some people have the same goals you do.

Some people keep a similar pace to yours.

Some people sympathize when you need a break, and they encourage you to take care of yourself.

These are a good match for you, while traveling!

What is a spiritual pathmate?

Similar to a positive, well-matched traveling companion, a spiritual pathmate is someone who is 

  • curious
  • open-minded
  • encouraging
  • generous with knowledge

You can say to this friend:

"I've just read the most amazing post, can I send it to you?"


"I just watched a great TED talk about dreams, would you like to watch it with me?"

Your friend will get as excited as you about the fresh material.

Then you'll refer to it together and put it into action.

When you find a true pathmate, what should you do?

You can:

  • immediately jump on board and accept their invitations
  • celebrate their successes, knowing you share the same mission
  • uplift them and offer your resources
  • ask them for advice, believing they have your best interest in mind

Pathmates are miracles.

We can make miracles, and we can respond to the every day miracles that pop up in our lives!

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