Swan Story: when you see symbols come to life, that means "yes"

What does it mean when our internal, mythical images come to life?

Here is a story for you: The Swan

I downloaded the free Duolingo app and started learning the Turkish language:


I'm going to Turkey next June, and I'm going to be helping my friend Elif Köse at her incredible retreat center in Ayvalik, Turkey.

Have you thought about going on a retreat? Or hosting one? Get in touch with Elif, she is great at organizing these kinds of things!

Turkey has great weather, delicious food, and an affordable exchange rate, at the moment.

Duolingo asks you to set up a profile name. I looked up the Turkish word for "swan."

I love swans, my initials are SW, and I also relate to the fairy tale of The Ugly Duckling, so the swan has been one of my mythic animal images for a while.

My Duolingo name is now Swan, or "Kugu."

If you've ever tried to learn a foreign language, your experience might be similar to mine: 

Day 1: Huge enthusiasm! I'm going to be fluent in a month!

Day 2: I only remember half the words I learned yesterday. Boo.

Day 3: Hmm, this is hard. Maybe a lot of people speak English in Turkey these days? Let me google that. Haha.

On day 3, I was grocery shopping online and this advertisement popped up:

Got it!

This swan is wearing a crown.

This swan knows how to float.

No stress, this swan is going to sail onwards!

Thanks to this guided message, I'm committed.

I'm determined to learn at least 500 of the most important words in the language, so that I can communicate, buy fresh vegetables at the farmer's market, and show respect to my hosts.

When might this a guided symbol appear for you?

1. You could create a vision board and include special flowers, symbols, animals, or signs.

2. You could be practicing Lucid Dreaming, where the signal for knowing when you're in a dream is an imaginary creature (a purple cat).

3. You could have a "personal mascot," perhaps something that you collect stickers and magnets of, like a fox or a panda.

When you see these symbols appear in real life, they will always mean, "Yes."

Choose an unusual symbol!

Guided Community Results

P writes: "The baby you guided me to have is growing bigger every day! Thanks, Shannon. I'm so happy now."

D writes: "Shannon, you have been telling us to tune into our senses. I hear a very loud sound at times. I always hear my mum calling me and when I respond, she answers, "I never called you." So I think my gift is hearing, or clairaudience."

M writes: "We found a house in the neighborhood my angels suggested, and we love it! It was scary to move to a new city, but that part worked out great."

Do you have a story about being guided?

Write in, and I'll feature you in an upcoming post!

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