Angel Card Club/Class

Angel Cards Club and Class Welcome Note

Thank you for subscribing to the Angel Card Club Membership and "How to Use Angel Cards" Class!

Action steps are below.

Here is the login page for Goconqr, the platform for the Class and Club.

1. create a free Goconqr account with your email and 
2. choose a username for yourself, an anonymous name like BlueCat77, and then 
3. email me your new username 

Email me with your new username on when you've signed up, and I'll help you start the Class and join the Club.

Once you're on the main page of the Club, look in the top right corner of the page under resources and you'll find the "How to Use Angel Cards" class.

Take the class at your own pace! All at once, or one lesson per day.

Ask about the course content in the Club and I'll help you, I check in every day.

Be sure to post questions and answers every day in the Angel Card Club so that you can learn, practice, and get as much feedback as you need!

You can cancel your membership to the Angel Card Club at any time, just let us know with one month's notice.

Please send feedback so we can improve the program for you and the community.

If you'd like to book an individual session or upgrade to Seekers, where you receive daily personalized answers and spiritual life coaching, I look forward to helping you as soon as possible.

To your success!


Shannon Walbran

P.S. For any logistical assistance, please email

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