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The best bookstore in Johannesburg, Bridge Books, sells paper copies of "Guided!"

Go visit the shop in Maboneng, now at Cosmopolitan Hotel, 24 Albrecht St, Jeppestown, on the corner of Commissioner St.

Or call 079 708 4461 / email to reserve a copy.


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About the book GUIDED!

"Shannon, I'm reading your book finally. It's wonderful. My sister brought my mom's copy back with her from SA. She loved it as well. I love that it's a how-to as well as your story." - M.S.

"I could not put the book down. This was a great read. Can't wait for the next book from Shannon." - Bongani Mabuse

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"Guided is a uniquely entertaining biography describing the colourful, challenging and at times amusing life path travelled by author Shannon Walbran to uncover her gift as a spirit guide interpreter. She uses practical case studies to skilfully demonstrate how to formulate questions in a way that guidance may be received.

"The author shares intricate details of energetic responses experienced in her body during challenging sessions in a powerfully honest, concise and interesting way preparing the reader for a meaningful personal experience.

"It is an enjoyable read, offering first hand insight to communication with the world of angels and unseen friends. Shannon’s inspirational path has helped thousands of people across the globe and her latest learning tool “Guided” demonstrates her passion, enthusiasm and commitment to helping others find their true path to a more productive and fulfilling life." - Judith J. Muller

"Guided propels you on a spiritual discovery of your own, with Shannon paving the way and pointing out various avenues that may resonate with you. This book is informative, not just for active spiritual seekers but for everyone who has had enough sense to be born, without encroaching on one's religious beliefs or spiritual sensibilities." - Akona

"Thank you very much for the book, it really opened my eyes to the new world and l'm more conscious now. In the beginning where you tell the stories of how your Guides answered people's questions with the help of their Guides made me more interested in the book as l'm looking for some answers to my life questions ... I'm looking forward to having a session with you when I get back to the country. The part where you talk about your life and journey makes me feel like l know you already, l can relate a bit to your stories while in India cause I was there when you sent me the book... I was in a place called Goa and l saw how strong their culture is... Again thank you very much for changing my life and l'm grateful to God that you came to South Africa." - Masupa

"The set up of Case and You is so simple and easy to translate the techniques and info. Good read. That is my favourite thing about the way the book is written. The practicality of the examples is also easy to follow and apply. Great book nje." - Zingi


In GUIDED! Shannon combines practical how-to's and case studies with magical worldwide adventures, reminiscent of Elizabeth Gifford's Eat, Pray, Love and Sonia Choquette's Trust Your Vibes.

Shannon’s voice in GUIDED! How to Communicate with Your Spirit Guides is as strong and bright as her personality. Her concise and ‘to the point’ method of writing is refreshing.

In the biography section of the book, Shannon is candid about her tumultuous journey, which includes much sadness and hardship. She writes with empathy.

There are two main sections to the book:

Part I - Ways to Hear from your Guides - is practical and describes in detail how to make a connection with your angelic helpers.

Part II is an inspiring biography of Shannon’s life and is as entertaining as it is informative.


"Guided: How to communicate with your spirit guides” by Shannon Walbran

Review date : 2009-03-06

Book review by Rev. Dr. Ralph Thomas Shepherd for Body and Mind by Antoinette–Nirvana Lange.

This book by Shannon Walbran, seeks to assist readers to discovers their own soul’s purposes’ and learn techniques to improve your health, happiness and enlightenment. Shannon does this by describing her own life plan and how she was led through very exciting and thrilling life experiences.

Shannon was led from the US where she was born in 1969, the same year as Anastasia, the Russian leader for social and cultural change currently becoming an international phenomenon. Shannon describes in detail her childhood and the accompanying struggles that contribute to her future. She had a childhood embedded in spirituality and describes her consciousness of fairies and other supernatural experiences. Later she also describes her struggles with her high school activities like ADD and food allergies. One can see them as instrumental in forming her spiritual stature in the years to come.

As Shannon moves into adulthood, we will see her undergoing multi-cultural experiences thereby continuing her ‘spiritual schooling’ which is now opening up for her in a most remarkable way. Shannon is now living in South Africa and is proving a successful guide for those wanting an in depth understanding of their own lives.

Most people only experience spiritual events as separate from normal phenomenon. It seems that with what we are currently experiencing globally. Humanity is standing on the brink of a global crisis of immense proportions. Within the next few years, a whole new paradigm of human development will reveal the work of Shannon Walbran as crucial for human beings as she will be able to help many people to see a meaning future for themselves and their families.

Shannon’s background in radio and not-for-profit work has prepared her for the kind of life that bridges both the spiritual and physical world. Her book, “Guided” will help many souls find solace in the years to come.

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