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    Why Become a Divination Expert?

    As a professional life coach to more than 25,000 clients, Shannon Walbran knows a thing or two about downloading divine guidance.

    Since 2003, Shannon has studied the esoteric arts of Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, African Traditional Practices, and more.

    But there is still so much to learn!

    You may wonder, "Why should I study divination?"

    Shannon answers:

    Divination saves you money, time, and health energy.

    How? When you're aligned with your guidance, you make decisions quickly and effectively!

    Our speakers include:

    Shannon believes in empowering you to take responsibility for yourself, get your own answers, care for your mental health, and handle the stresses of life.

    Find out when to take action and when to rest!

    The You Are Guided to Divine series brings teachers from many backgrounds and cultures to share their teachings on:

    • Tools: how to get answers
    • Rules: do's and don'ts
    • Jewels: top stories of amazing, life-changing guidance

    Learn from the best so you can shift from stressed to blessed, and discover your path to success!

    Shannon walbran

    masterclass series host, life coach, author, podcaster

    Shannon asks each teacher to demonstrate divination tools and share real stories of divine guidance!

    Lisa Holt

    Bird Mejia

    Dr. MoNique Hunt

    Dr. Asanee Brogan

    J Nycole Ralph

    Jeanne Pope

    Avalaura Gaither

    Nicole Lovince

    Arpita Thakkar

    Elif Köse

    Celeste Brooks

    Havilah Malone

    Kim Quinones

    Shara Prophet