Frequently Asked Questions

A session with life coach Shannon Walbran is an opportunity for you to ask questions and seek answers to help you on your path.  A session gives you specific, detailed, personal advice. It helps you feel loved and supported. It helps you realize that you are not alone. Each reading is unique and personalized to your needs.

You will need to write up a list of specific questions about yourself only. Please save the written list for the session - don't send it in advance.

Specific questions are best: "Should I take on this new project, and what should I prioritize?" and "How can I improve my relationship with my manager?" Only written questions can be answered. Don't phone with questions "in your head." Write them down. It's best to put them on paper, as searching on a phone screen or a computer screen takes up time.
In these questions, you are asking for advice, so your questions are best phrased as, "Should I ....?" or "Would it be best for me to do X or Y?" or "How can I solve the problem of ...?"  You will receive much more than a yes or no answer.

It's also a great idea to ask how to discern your inner voice on your own, and this often comes through as a topic in the session.  Add it in as your last question: "How can I listen to my intuition by myself?"
My 10-question phone session is currently US$175. In South African rands, it is R2499. These are rates I've held since 2018.
Write a list of ten specific questions, not just topic titles like "House" or "Career".

You don't need to give any background information; in fact, that is not a good way to use your hour! JUST ASK THE QUESTION.

The session usually lasts for about 45 minutes, up to an hour.
Here is the link to pay US $175 or ZAR 2499:

10 Question Session with Shannon Walbran

After making the payment, please send proof of payment to to choose your own date/time and book yourself in.
I am not a medium. Therefore, I don't bring messages from clients' relatives who have died. Please don't ask questions such as, "Does my late grandmother have a message for me?" This is not within my skillset.

My life coaching sessions are meant to help your spiritual growth. Therefore, it's not possible to ask what a third party is thinking or feeling (for example, "Does Person X love me?" is not answered).

Don't ask, "Will they give me a job?" Instead, ask, "How can I get a job?"

You also can't ask about what another person should do, even if they are a member of your family (for example, "Should my sister move to Chicago?" is not answered).

Keep your question focused on your life, on your own immediate present, and on action steps to solve your problems.

Last, you have complete control over what you do with the advice you receive. People say that when they follow the advice to the letter, the results are incredibly positive. Your results may differ, but in a session, you will hear precisely the messages you are meant to hear.
His life is his life. Your life is yours.
Yes, I do telephone readings. You'll get to ask ten questions, though, not just one.

There are no "half" or "one question" private phone sessions.
A session is for one person at a time.
You can take written notes.
Telephone/Zoom/Skype sessions can be done to from any country in the world.

We can use WhatsApp, Zoom, or Skype, or even Google Meet or Facebook Messenger - we just need to decide and agree on the same platform :-).

My manager Charlotte helps you work out those details. Our email is
These policies are strict:

Re-scheduling is NOT allowed without 48 hours notice, so make sure you will be able to be at the phone.

We will allow one re-scheduling if an emergency arises (Covid-19 and loadshedding are both valid emergencies) and you contact us with 48 hours notice. If you try to reschedule with less than 48 hours notice, or if I call you and you've "forgotten" the session, or if you cancel, you will forfeit the fee and the session.

Your fee is not returned in case of cancellations or late-coming. If you don't answer the phone or you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, it is automatically cancelled, you'll forfeit the session, and you cannot re-schedule.

We are very timely (although also human!). Therefore, if you don't hear from me within one minute of our scheduled session time, contact the office on

We don't give refunds. If I do a session for you, I have given you the best advice I can.  If you don't *like* your session, or you don't like the information you've heard, you can decide what to do with your life, it's your choice. But we still don't give refunds.
Terms and conditions and Legal Disclaimer:
By continuing with the services of Shannon Walbran, you agree that you are an adult over 18 years old. In making your own decisions going forward, you retain complete free will and free choice. These services and products are for educational and entertainment purposes only. By continuing with these products and services, you release me, Shannon Walbran, and my company from any and all liability.

If you have a serious or pressing medical condition, please seek the help of a physician.
Our full privacy statement is here: privacy statement.
A lot!

After your session, you could consider joining either a Club + Course, such as "How to Use Angel Cards" or my Seekers daily coaching group.

I have written many stories on my blog, which are available to you for free. Same with my YouTube channel.

I also create audios to enhance positive emotional states.

I am constantly making new things to help people find inner and outer peace and prosperity so that we can all work for justice, together.
Legal disclaimer and privacy statement
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