How to Use Angel Cards: Welcome to Class and Meet your Teacher!

I am looking forward to helping you get your own answers!

Welcome to your "How to Use Angel Cards Class!"

Please watch this 1-minute overview of the "How to Use Angel Cards" class to prepare for the video lessons ahead.
And now, watch another very short video to meet me, your teacher, Shannon Walbran.
Full transcripts are below.
A 1-minute video to say hello!

Meet your Teacher, Shannon Walbran

I look forward to helping you use angel cards to solve your problems.

Transcript of video 1: Welcome to class

Welcome to our class! I'll be teaching you today how to use angel cards.
Angel cards are a way of communicating with our angels and our guides to get direction in our lives.
Angel cards are one of many tools that we can use. We can flip a coin, we can use other kinds of cards like playing cards. We can use a pendulum or we could use muscle testing in order to get yes/no answers.
I teach about all those other techniques as well.
Angel cards are a special tool. They're beautiful, they have an image, and they have text. They can be really helpful.
They have some downsides - for example, they don't give us a lot of specifics. Sometimes an angel card is too brief. It just gives a word, and that doesn't give you enough information, so we're going to explore now how to use angel cards to get the answers that you need for yourself.

Transcript of video 2: Meet your teacher

I'm Shannon Walbran. I'm known as "South Africa's top psychic." That's because I've done a lot of TV and radio ever since 2004 when I officially started practicing in public.
I've helped more than 25,000 people in individual sessions and when they called into a radio program where I was able to give them specific guidance that came directly from their own angels and guides.
Currently I teach and I coach and I write. My website is You can find me on most social media platforms. My handle is @shannonwalbran
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