How do I keep up an ongoing dialogue with my inner wisdom?

Ongoing Dialogue

What does it look like to continue asking questions and drawing cards, over time?
How does our inner wisdom reach out and develop a vocabulary with us, in order to give us helpful guidance?


So I'm going to round off with: You've done really well, because you were able to get into a dialogue going back and forth with your cards, with your guides, and with your inner self. What happened when you didn't understand a card right away? What did you look for?

Pictures spoke to me more than words did.

Shannon Walbran

I looked for the roots in the cliff. For example, I'd see the mouse with the magnifying glass, a happy mouse, joy through the studying. So the detail, I guess.

Shannon Walbran
And the colors and the characters. Sometimes it was you taking that role, sometimes you saw your daughter. You did notice that They used the exact same card, "Listening," although it was the same word, but it was even from a different deck. To me, that was extremely powerful, to represent that step on your path. As you work with one deck over and over again, one card -- like the giraffe card -- will continue to represent your relationship with your child, that mother-daughter relationship, and perhaps it will also represent living in South Africa.

Just like when you had a child when she was a baby, and she used to say, "ba, ba," and you're like, "ba? What does she want? Does she want a blanket? Does she want a bottle? What should I do?" You just throw everything at her like, "Is this it? Did you ask for a blanket?" She's like, "I asked for ba. Why don't you know what ba is?" You realize that "ba" is the sheep, then you give her the sheep, and she says, "Oh, thank God."

"All right. Finally, she understood me." That's how kids learn how to talk. And that's how we as parents learn how to listen to our children. That's how your Guides are talking to you, by repeating things over and over again. "Giraffe! We said giraffe!"

Yeah. I'm going to think globally.

Shannon Walbran
Think practically. Think action, think, "I need to take action! What action steps should I take? And what can I do to ..."

A lot of your questions were investigative questions. "What's happening over there when my daughter goes to that house? Is she okay?" But it's more about, "What can I do to help her get stronger? What does she need? What can I give her?" A new red bike!
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