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In this 1-hour classic session, you get 10 of your top questions answered. You receive specific advice and guidance to move forward with clear, actionable steps. Let's "lift the burden from your shoulders."

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In this 5-hour deep dive, you'll ask approximately 40 questions. Your Solo Intensive Session allows for greater exploration and dialogue with extensive detail, plus healing experiences, hypnosis, and more.

Coaching: Seekers Mastermind Group

In my spiritual coaching group Seekers, you'll make massive progress by asking one daily question while witnessing and working together with other international, like-minded people who cheer you to success!

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Shannon is insightful and perceptive and I feel so much lighter now

Shannon unerringly tapped into the very predicaments I found myself in and spoke simply and directly to my situation in a way that felt profoundly insightful and perceptive.
A week later, I’m still mulling over the messages she has passed on to me and finding that they continue to make sense in ever deepening ways.
- RM, Johannesburg, South Africa

Shannon brings a mystical and real element to life coaching

I recommend to anyone thinking about having a call with Shannon to take time to watch or listen to her in action, and to read through the sample questions on her website and carefully prepare the questions you want to ask, being careful not to talk too much or over complicate things. If you prepare, you will be richly rewarded with applicable wisdom.
JH, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Shannon brings a mystical and real element…

Never could I have imagined that a single question would clarify such deep complexities and answer questions I didn’t know how to ask. My mouth is gaping open right now. What a connection. Wow!

Shannon brings a mystical and real element…

Never could I have imagined that a single question would clarify such deep complexities and answer questions I didn’t know how to ask. My mouth is gaping open right now. What a connection. Wow!

What if you could find your own answers, every day?

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$49 per month
Guided Academy $49 per month

How to Use Bibliomancy Class
coming soon

In this advanced course and monthly membership, learn how to receive help, guidance, and direction via sacred texts.
Post your readings daily and compare interpretations with other members of the Bibliomancy Club.
Bibliomancy Class coming soon

How to Use Angel Cards Class
+ 1 month Guided Academy

How to Use Angel Cards class logo
Learn how to pull angel cards in order to receive guidance and direction. 2-week class with quick, easy-to-follow video lessons.
Receive support and feedback on your daily personal questions in the Guided Academy!
How to Use Angel Cards Class +
1 month Guided Academy $119

How to Use Playing Cards Class
coming soon

In this fun, easy-to-follow video course, learn how to use ordinary playing cards to receive your own personal guidance and direction.
Lessons are emailed to you daily for two weeks.
Digital playing cards included!

Playing Card Class coming soon

Content: Books

Learn how to ask your own questions.
Read and listen to stories of guidance.
Download my free "100 Questions" eBook to compose your own questions. Learn the most effective framework: "I" + immediate action. I collected these questions in my years as on radio.
Download now
I wrote this spiritual autobiography in 2007 with stories from my childhood and early travels, leading up to my transformation into a well-known spiritual teacher on radio and TV.
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This is the audiobook version of my spiritual autobiography "Guided!" I recorded it in studio in 2008. The audio file is 5 hours long. This link will take you to Audible.
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More coming soon!
Shannon Walbran Urban Angel Cards

Use my free Urban Angel Cards to ask a question now

1. Pray
2. Ask your question and press "play"
3. When you feel ready, hit "pause"
4. Contemplate the card you see as your answer
5. Say "thank you"
7. Take action in your life!

Need help? Take my
"How to Use Angel Cards" class

Choose Your Ways to Get #Guided

Download free "100 Questions" eBook

Use this eBook's 100 sample questions to compose your own effective questions and DIY your answers.

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A 1-hour call that could change your life. Get ten specific, detailed answers to your toughest questions and
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Receive daily personal answers in this mastermind group of like-minded, international, spiritual people. Teamwork makes the dream work. Your growth skyrockets!

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Listen to "You Are Guided," my podcast where I interview changemakers and healers worldwide, plus examples of people tapping into their inner wisdom

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Content: Blog

April 29, 2021
What are your internal and external signs of being guided by your inner wisdom?

How do you KNOW when you are guided by your inner wisdom? Today I'd like to share with you some of the ways I know, personally. Can you identify with these?

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April 23, 2021
Which sacred pagoda held my soul's puzzle piece? A travel story...

Hanoi, Vietnam “Am I allowed a second Vietnamese iced coffee?" I wondered. The sweetened condensed milk swirled magically in its tall, cold pint glass. The caffeine made my heart pound, but I was on holiday in Hanoi, Vietnam, for the first time, and so I granted myself the luxury. I sat at an outdoor cafe […]

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April 9, 2021
How the love language of SERVICE serves you SUCCESS

The love language of SERVICE is my favorite of the 5 (time, talk, gifts, service, and touch) because it's the one I like to receive the best. Also, as you'll see in the description below, a person who speaks the love language of SERVICE is always full of advice for other people on how they should run their lives. […]

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April 9, 2021
Do saints help us, even in these days? A story for you

Are you trying to sell a house?  I put my apartment on the market in August 2017, and then all of a sudden home sales in Johannesburg completely stagnated. I had three estate agents working on it, but we weren't even getting any visitors to the showings! When I first listed the apartment, I remembered my […]

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